Billiards Online

By Michael Hartwell

Today, online billiards is taking the net by storm, and it is quickly becoming one of the most popular games played on the internet today. As pool grows in popularity offline, naturally more and more billiards players want to play it on their computer in their spare time, when they aren't able to play it in real life. In addition to begin entertaining, when you find the best game available, you can dramatically improve your skills offline as well, because you learn a lot about angles and the way the ball will react online.

Obviously, some of them are better quality then others; typical, the free games aren't great quality, although there are certainly exceptions to this rule. Here are some important tips for what to look for to help you when you are ready to play a virtual pool game online.

The best way to find the right billiards games is to simply do a quick internet search in one of the major search engines, and see what comes up. Usually, the top ranking websites for those terms will offer the most relevant games and highest quality, so certainly start with those.

The more realistic the game is, the more enjoyable it will be to play, and also the more you will improve your skills. You can find a variety of billiards games online, such as regular pool, six ball games, nine ball games, eight balls, etc. No matter which variety you want to partake in, you can find to online.

As a result, there are many people who are very skilled at pool playing via the net, and it's very easy to find yourself in over your head when you are playing for money. Once you've lost one game, the temptation is to keep playing until you get your money back. As with gambling, it's very easy to lose several hundreds dollars and even more in just a couple hours, so again, so be very careful when you play for cash. Also, keep in mind that the sites you are playing on will typically take a percentage of the money you are playing for, so they obviously want the stakes as high as possible.

Since there are so many people who like to play free online pool, you can very easily find yourself playing against others who are much better than you, and it certainly is very easy to lose money. Then, once you've lost money on the first or second game, the temptation is to try and get it back, thus putting you at risk for losing more money. - 31485

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Technique For Playing Billiard

By Adam Gold

This may sound like a professional bombarding phrase, but I won't get into any advance stuff here. I simply want you to consider all your gaming options before each shot, and not rush into the first opportunity seems the best. The first thing to understand is that you don't have to put a ball in the hole to make a successful shot. Many players overlook the "safety" possibility. This is pretty self explanatory - it means you make a shot in order to entangle your opponent.

The forearm is responsible for making a straight shot, so try to keep your shoulder and arm stationary. Before you make the shot, move the stick back and forth a few times to make sure it's going straight and it doesn't deviant from its course. When moving it forward, try to bring the tip of the stick as closely as you can to the cue-ball, without touching it of course.

This is done by striking it just below the center, so it will slide across the table and won't roll upwards. Again, like the title reads, the idea here is to force the cue ball to come back after hitting the target ball.

This will totally mess up your game and will delay your aiming skills advancement greatly. The reason for this is that you can't really make sure your shot is going straight when doing so. Try to make a long movement with your shot instead. The right way for doing this is treating the shot like another back and forth movement. The difference is that this time, after stretching back your forearm, starts the forward movement a bit slower. Increase the power and speed as you go, and give an extra boost to your strike just before the cue reaches the white ball.

Another common mistake that will hurt your gaming is pulling the cue right away after making the shot. Your accuracy will be much better if instead, you'll linger a bit before pulling your cue. This way you make sure all of your focus is on the current shot, and you're no rushing to take your next one or to sit down and let your opponent play. Also, you'll be able to see if the cue went straight. I want to share with you one last tip about your right hand technique. Aim to get your cue about an inch or two past the point you're going to strike white ball. This is known to improve aiming tremendously. Really easy to use tips as you can see, but very important so don't ignore them. Hope this answers most of the questions I've received lately. Enjoy and go practice. - 31485

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Follow Tips For Making Better Snooker

By Adam Gold

This is a simple trick which can take your snooker gaming to a whole new level with almost zero efforts. Really simple - before making your shot, try to have a vision in your mind about the outcome of your shot. Think about the EXACT path the cue ball will take, and the effect it will have on the target ball. It takes a bit of practice, but the reword is absolutely worth it.

For Better Snooker Shots, this is very important. It's also common sense, the more relaxed you'll be. The better you'll play. So how do you keep you body as relaxed as possible? Like everything in life, it takes practice to make perfect, but you can have great results in no time with baring one thing in mind: Lay yourself on the table. I know it may sound a bit odd, but this is the best way I can describe it. Just lay yourself on the table, keeping your body as loose and relaxed as you can. Don't flex a single muscle you don't have to.

The here and now idea is fairly simple and easy to understand, yet many players seem to disregard it over and over again. What it basically says, is that you should play each shot like it was a whole snooker game to itself. It doesn't matter if you're losing big time, or if you really messed up the last dozen shots. Think only about this particular snooker shot, and plan it so it will lead to an easy exit.

I know making a good shot, even if it's just a simple 1 point red ball, is always good. But, it won't get you far! So I just want you to think about your next shot when you're about to aim the current one. This requires a bit of control and skill on the cue ball's action, but it's important to start thinking about it even if you're just starting to play.

Chalk may seem (it sometimes actually is) like a drag, but you've just got to do it. It's really hard to give the white snooker ball an effective spin without putting chalk on the cue's tip. A good way for doing this with ease is putting 2-3 chalks on your table, so you can access them from almost anywhere. - 31485

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Learning Pool Table

By Byran Kempa

Pool tables can be found in lounges, restaurants and sport clubs worldwide. Their appeal seems to be universal; people of all ages, races and countries will agree that playing pool is a fun way to pass the time. For some, playing pool is even more than that. If a person if really good at pool, they may turn it into a lucrative side job by betting.

So, it's easy to understand why the business of selling pool tables can be very lucrative. Both individuals and businesses buy pool tables often, whether it's for a home or a bar.

When you go to purchase pool tables from a seller, you will be faced with many choices. The tables come in a few different sizes and colors and vary in price range. The nicer the table, the nicer the fabric and the higher the price. Some people like to match the fabric on the pool table to the colors in their home, but that costs extra.

There are many different brands of pool tables to choose from as well. Make sure that you check around and find out which has the best reputation before you buy. The salesperson will be glad to help recommend a brand and will let you know the prices on the tables you're considering.

Once you've decided on your pool tables, you can either load them up that day or have a professional bring them to you. If you don't have the space or the desire to set it up yourself, why not just let someone bring it to you? It's much more convenient and you won't have to deal with the hassle of getting it to your home or business. It's customary to tip the person that brings it to you, especially if they did a good job. Now that you have your pool table, invite people over and have a great time. - 31485

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Pool Cue Cases - Your Options

By George Pennwood

Pool cue cases come in 2 variations, cheap and expensive, and as usual, you get what you pay for. The cheap ones are basically soft or fabric cases, which are ok for keeping your bits together, but only offer minimal protection for your cues. The expensive option (relatively) is to go for one of the American style cue cases which are brilliant, or a hard case of some other sort.

Also pool tables can cost anything from $60 for the small kids tables to $1000's for the exotic Italian tables and the main difference is the playing surface, either wood or MDF and slate. The wooden topped tables are usually the toy versions although there are some very nice wood topped tables that can come in 7 ft sizes, quite adequate for an adult game and very much cheaper than the slate bed versions.

The American style pool cue cases are really well made for the job of transporting cues. They are like golf bags in that there are individual pockets for the shafts and butts , so you can have your break off shaft, playing shaft and butt all in several pockets. Some bags are quite large and you could have up to 8 different shafts and butts in there. They also have pockets on the side for your cue towel and chalk etc. They will give your cues maximum protection and they look so damn cool as well. A must for the serious pool player.

Another option is the hard case, made from wood or aluminium; they too give excellent protection for your cue and are just fine if you only have a normal cue without the extra break off cues etc. They are made from wood, covered in fabric or leather, or metal, usually aluminium, with different sized compartments inside for your cue and extension.

The tip is made of animal hide, elk and water buffalo are popular, but basically leather, there are different levels of hardness of the tips, depending on taste and frankly the differences are only noticeable by the playing professionals, the rest of us mere mortals would probably never notice the difference. Just make sure the tip is well chalked before playing to give the cue tip the best chance of a good contact with the cue ball, you can even get different coloured chalks these days so it does not show up so badly on the cloth. For example you can get red coloured chalk for use on red clothed tables and even black chalk for playing on tables covered in black cloth. A popular pool cue type is the jump and break cue which is basically a cue with 2 different shafts, one used for smashing the balls with on break off and the other is a more sensitive shaft used for normal play. It is a good idea and widely used on both sides of the Atlantic. - 31485

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Fun and Decorative of Billiard tables

By Matt Jackson

A pool table is a great looking addition to any home and is the perfect choice for a family games room or for a dedicated billiards room. Billiard tables vary greatly in terms of design, budget, and materials used. Picking a good quality billiard table that is constructed from the best materials not only ensures that you get the best looking table possible but it will also offer the best playing surface, will last for many years, and will be as much a piece of decorative furniture as it will a games table.

A billiard table is essentially constructed from the legs, a frame, the bed, the rails, the pockets and the cloth. All of these elements need to combine in order to craft the best looking table. Before you start the search for the best table you should measure the space where your new billiard table will be added. Allow enough room to comfortably play your shots around the table and also consider the addition of appropriate lighting.

Natural hardwood legs such as those made from oak, walnut, or cherry are both strong and good looking also the legs and frame of a billiard table can be made from natural wood, MDF, or synthetic materials.

While the strength of the material will ensure a long and largely damage resistant life as well as a stable support for the bed, coats of lacquer can be applied in order to give the table a stunning finish.

The table bed is the slab of material that is placed under the cloth and on top of the frame. Again, there are several materials that can be used but the best option is slate. Slate beds provide the best possible playing surface and while they are heavier than wood or synthetic materials they will last a lifetime and are virtually unbreakable; they will certainly withstand typical and even not so typical use. - 31485

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Purchasing the Most Suitable Billiard Table Light

By Sandra Lillico

Many individuals enjoy playing billiards. It can be a fun game for adults to play. Playing billiards requires the player to determine a strategy and and use thinking skills. Having the perfect billiard table light can be essential when playing the game. Because of this many fans of billiards will go through great lengths to find the perfect light to go over their billiard table. When playing billiards, the right lighting atmosphere can have a great impact on the game.

The best billiard table light will provide total illumination without causing any shadows. The best way to do this is by placing lights directly over the billiard table. Whatever you do, do not place lights coming from several directions since this can cause shadows and mess up the game.

In choosing the right lighting for your billiard table, one should opt for overhang light fixtures that can encompass the whole billiard table area. Of course, when you install these lighting make sure that it will not be too low that somebody might bump their heads to it. Also make sure that it is securely installed because you do not want it to fall while you and your friends are playing a game. Safety should be your first priority in everything that you do because things that had occurred are mostly irreversible.

Billiard table lights come in numerous varieties. In order to select the perfect light you have to stay true to your preferences and stick to a style and price that is relevant to you. Dark green is used for the majority of the billiard table light lamp shades. Lighter colored lamp shades should be avoided when you purchase your billiard table light. Single light bulbs are usually best but be sure you do not choose one with too bright of a hue. Be sure not to use multiple light bulbs as these cast shadows which can ruin the strategy of the game. The decision of using incandescent light bulbs or fluorescent light bulbs should be based on your preference.

When you purchase your billiard table light make sure it is a design that appeals to you and can also aid in your game play. You can find billiard table lights in stores or online. You will likely find a lot of good deals on the internet. To begin your search, you should start online. In order to discover what designs really appeal to you, the internet can be really helpful because it offers so much variety. - 31485

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